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Welcome to my staff page. On the left, you will find useful links for the classes I teach, and below is a brief introduction to some important information.
Summer Assignment Information:
Students taking AP World History (WHAP) are being asked to complete a short summer assignment before the first day of school. The assignment should take less than 2 hours in total. The following 3 links will be all you need to complete the assignments. 
Contact Information:
The best way to get in contact with me is via my staff email: [email protected]. I do my best to respond to all emails in no more than 24 hours. I check and respond to emails constantly throughout the day between 6am and 8pm. I encourage students to be a strong advocate of their own education and communicate with me directly, but I am always happy to discuss matters with adults at home.
AP World History
  • This course has recently been updated by the College Board to focus on Modern World history starting at 1200 CE. For more information on the course please visit the College Board's website (found here)
  • I am excited to be both teaching the AVID elective as well as coordinating the AVID site team at L.C. Anderson. For more information about our AVID program please click on the link found on this page to learn how AVID can help prepare your child for success in college.
  • All L.C. Anderson teachers use BLEND as an online classroom to supplement instruction. Each teacher uses BLEND a little differently. If you need access to BLEND or want to understand more about how to effectively navigate it click here.
Other AP World History Teachers
Here at L.C. Anderson, our teachers have opportunities to work closely with their peers on campus who teach the same courses. The Social Studies department uses these opportunities extensively to align their courses. In other words, what is being taught in my class is identical to the other two AP World History teachers on any given day. We offer the same assessments, and grades using the same rubrics. Your students can receive help from any of the three AP World History teachers at any time. Here is the link to the staff page.