Welcome to Astronomy! My name is Chris Cotter and I am the new Astronomy teacher at AHS. I am excited to be here and my sons are excited too, since both boys graduated from Anderson not that long ago.
My background is in Geology (B.S.), Astronomy (M.S.), and Science Education (M.A.). Having taught science and math at a number of high schools over a good long while (!), I believe I have lots of great experience that will benefit kids as they learn about and marvel over our amazing universe. Just about every area of astronomy will be covered this year. These include Learning about the Night Sky, the Solar System, Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology.
Kids who have particular interests (such as in astrophotography or even astrophilately... you might have to look that word up!) will be provided opportunities to explore these areas by doing optional projects. Lots of activities are planned for the year and the kids will be busy (and so will I)! 
We use Blend daily and all students need to keep up by reading the posted announcements and assignments. We, of course, will discuss these in class also. The calendar also is helpful. If you are a parent or guardian reading this, I encourage you see in Blend what we're up to via your Parent Cloud Account. One announcement in particular would be good to read. It's called "Astronomy Guide for Success" and it details how the class will be run this year.
I teach four sections Regulars Astronomy and 1 section of Honors Astronomy and am located in room 111. I tutor mainly during our FIT sessions three days per week but am usually available in the mornings or at lunch if a student can only see me during those times.
The best way to reach me is via email at [email protected]. You may call also but I can rarely answer the phone (and don't want the kids on their phones either while in class!). My number is 512-841-1567.