Anderson High School

Attendance Office

Attendance Specialist:
Clarisa Quinonez
Attendance direct phone number: 512-414-7909
Attendance Fax line: 512-338-1293
Attendance Email address:

It is important that within 2 days (48 hours), a note or other appropriate documentation for a student absence be faxed, emailed or brought directly to the attendance office. The note should contain the following information:
Student legal name, student number, date of birth, current date, date(s) of absence, parent signature and parent contact information.
The Attendance Office will keep all parental, court and medical documentation confidential, and it will remain in the student's permanent file. Please note that illness beyond three days may require a doctor's note in order to be considered excused. A student's partial day absence due to illness, medical and/or legal appointments may be counted present for attendance by presenting appropriate documentation upon their return to school no later than 48 hours after the absence.  If the student returns without proper documentation the absence will be documented as unexcused. 
College Visits:  Juniors and seniors may be excused up to 2 days each year to visit colleges if the visit is planned in advance through the Attendance Office and documentation is provided from the college (college letter on letterhead to verify the day of visit preferred).
Please feel free to call the Attendance Office with any questions or concerns that may arise. Thank you.