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The Anderson Theater Department is one of the six outstanding fine arts programs offered at Anderson High School. We offer our students an exceptional range of acting, technical theater, and production classes as well as a variety of extracurricular production opportunities. Our theater department has an active student organization known as LTC, or the Little Theater Company. We also have an amazingly supportive Booster Club this comprised of volunteer theater parents.
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Play Attendance Worksheet

Every student enrolled in a Theatre Arts class is REQUIRED to attend a live performance of a play each semester. (Total of 2 for the current school year) Students are encouraged to attend an Anderson High School production. They may also attend any AISD school play performance, a play production from another school district, a performance at a community or professional theatre. Play analysis worksheets will be available online and in the classroom and students must complete them and attach a ticket stub or a program from the production and turn them into the teacher. Concerts, dance recitals or improvisational productions do not qualify as performance of a play.