📅 Class Schedule
A Day
1st Period: English III AP/IB
2nd Period: English II
Work Block: 1st and 2nd Period
3rd Period: English III AP/IB
4th Period: Conference
Work Block: 3rd Period
B Day
5th Period: English II
6th Period: Conference
Work Block: 5th Period
7th Period: English III AP/IB
8th Period: English III AP/IB
Work Block: 7th and 8th Period
👩‍🏫 Class Zoom Meetings


You can find your class Zoom link by logging into Blend and going to your English course page. There will be one link for the Synchronous Period and a different link for the Work Block Period.
📚 Tutoring
You have a few different options for getting help when you need it:
1. Go to my Zoom office hours during your Work Block Period:
A Day Morning Work Block: 11:40-12:40
A Day Afternoon Work Block: 3:40-4:10
B Day Morning Work Block: 11:40-12:10
B Day Afternoon Work Block: 3:40-4:40
2. Email me through Blend to set up a private tutoring session during an Asynchronous Friday.
3. Email me through Blend to ask questions about an assignment, class meetings, or to get feedback on an assignment you are working on.