Here is my teaching schedule for the 2021-2022 school year:
Period Class
1st Period Advanced English 2
2nd Period Advanced English 2 and Homeroom
3rd Period Conference Period
4th Period English 3 AP/IB
5th Period English 2
6th Period Conference Period and FIT
7th Period English 3 AP/IB
8th Period English 2

👩‍🏫 Teacher Contact

✨The best way to get in touch with me is through email. ✨(You can also send me a Blend message and it will be forwarded to my AISD email.) 

When emailing me, please include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Class period
  • A detailed subject line (ex: "Absent on Friday" or "Question about the Annotation Assignment")
A Good Email A Bad Email

Subject: Question about the Annotation Assignment

Hi Mrs. Watson,

This is Tom Hiddleston from your 5th period class. I was working on the annotation assignment and I wasn't sure how many annotations we needed on each page. If I mark three things, is that enough, or do I need more? Thanks!


Subject: None

i dont know what you want me to do on the assignment



 🙋 Tutoring

Before School: I am at school most mornings by 8:15. If I'm not in my room, look for me in the English offices (knock first!). You do not need an appointment for before school tutoring.


During School: You may join my Zoom during FIT (the beginning of every 6th period). 


I do NOT offer tutoring during lunch.


After School: I have after school tutoring by appointment only. That means you need to email or ask during class to set up an appointment.