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Tutorial times are 8:30 am on Monday and Wednesday or by appointment during lunch.

The text book - Pearson Texas World History - can be viewed from the student cloud. It can be found under class resources, Text.

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World History Class Calendar and Assignment

All world history assignments and the class calendar will be in Blend

Soccer Athletic Class Information

Anderson Boys Soccer Athletics Class


Head Coach:  Philip Reus 


          Phone number: 512- 841-1595


Varsity Assistant and Head JV Coach:  Chris Kuta

JV B Head Coach :  Bryant Deane


Description:  This is a competitive athletics class, not a P.E. class.  The 1st semester of this class is designed to get individual players ready to play as a team  for the upcoming season but, does not guarantee you a spot on the team;  everyone must go through open tryouts during the last week of November in order to be considered for placement on one of the teams.  The  2nd semester of this class is for the students that have made the JV “B”,  JV or Varsity team.  You MUST have a current physical and all related paperwork in by Sept. 1st,  2017.  You will not be allowed to stay in this class if you do not have a current physical. 


What you will need to bring to class everyday:  You will need a pair of  workout shorts, socks, running shoes or a cross trainer type shoe, soccer cleats and shin guards.  You will be issued a workout shirt when you have turned in your physical and related paperwork.  You must be dressed out in the appropriate workout attire in order to participate.  You will not wear watches or jewelry during workouts, it is a safety hazard. You will be issued a locker to keep your stuff in.  You are responsible for keeping a lock on it, we can issue you a lock if you do not have one.  Please do not leave your valuables unattended or unlocked.  In the event that you must be absent from the soccer class please call 512-841-1595 or email Coach Reus or Coach Kuta and explain why you will not be in class that day.


What to expect:  We will begin running and strength training next week as well as soccer skills. You will be expected to be dressed out and ready to workout at 8:55am.  Being in this class does not mean that you are automatically on the Anderson High School Soccer Team; open try-out will begin November 27th   and end on December 1th. These try-out workouts, as well as in season workout, will be held before school  (7:00 am-8: 30am). We will select players for a JV “B”, JV  and a Varsity squad at that time. Players that do not make the team will be moved to a P.E. class for the spring semester. 


End Result:  You will become a better athlete, better team player, better soccer player,  and learn some life lessons along the way.  Which will make the  Anderson Trojans Soccer teams  successful!


Off-season Workouts (August 28th to November 22nd ):  Cardiovascular conditioning, speed and agility, strength training and ball movement.


In-Season Workout (November 27th to April 19th): Cardiovascular conditioning, weigh training, soccer skill and game strategies.

2018 Soccer Season Tryout Information

  1. You must have a current and valid physical, steroid, concussion, and heart health  form on file in the training office before you will be allowed to try out.  See the training staff for questions concerning physicals and the related paper work.


  1. Tryouts will be November 27th   through December 1st. Practice will begin at 7:00 am sharp and will last till 8:30 am.  You must try out for all 5 days, and you must be on time, to be considered for placement on the 2018 soccer team.


  1. Grades are important, if you have failed one or more classes for the past two six weeks then you may not be considered for placement on the 2018 soccer team.


  1. You will need to bring your own cleats, shin guards, and workout gear.


  1. You will be evaluated on your ability to handle physical stress, work ethic, athleticism, and basic soccer skills. 


  1. We will field three  teams this season.  The JV “B “ or Freshman team will carry about 17 players, the  JV will carry 18-20 players and the Var. will carry 17-21 players.  Those students who are in the soccer period that are not selected for one of the three teams this season will be moved to the 1st  period PE class.


  1. At the conclusion of the Friday (Dec. 1st  ) workout either Coach Deane, Coach Kuta or Coach Reus will notify you as to your position on the 2018 soccer team.  A “cut list “or team roster will not be posted.


  1. Those that are selected to be a part of the 2018 soccer team will be required to make all of the workouts, tournaments and games.  If you do not think you can fulfill this obligation then please do not tryout.


Come ready to work on the morning of November 27th   .

World History Information Sheet 2017-2018

Teacher:  Philip Reus

Email:        Phone:  512-841-1595

Conference Period:  Monday 3:00-4:30, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-10:30.

Tutorial Times:  Tuesday  and Thursday  8:30 am -  8:55 am. 

                                Lunch by appointment  and during FIT sessions

 Grading:  Daily quizzes and assignments – 50%

                    Tests - 50%

Text:  Pearson Texas World History   available on line from the student AISD Cloud (

Assignments and Quizzes will be located on the Blend Calendar

You will need a spiral notebook (one just for history), pen or pencil, and your laptop every day.


Fall Semester

  • Early Civilizations
  • Greeks
  • Romans
  • Middle Ages
  • Muslim Empires
  • Kingdoms of Africa
  • Asian Empires
  • The Renaissance and Reformation

Spring Semester

  • Mesoamerican Civilizations
  • The Age of Exploration
  • Absolutism
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The French Revolution and Napoleon
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Age of Imperialism
  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • The Cold War Era

Soccer Tryouts November 28th -December 2nd

Any Anderson High School Boy who is interested in trying out for the Anderson Boys Soccer team is welcome to come to open tryouts beginning November 28th at 7:00 AM.   Please contact  Coach Reus via email or come by room 230 to get more information.  You must have a valid and current physical on file in the Training Office before you can tryout.  And must be passing all of your classes.

Soccer Parent Meeting November 15th at 6:00 PM

We will have a informative meeting for the parents of those boys who are interested in trying out for the Anderson Boys Soccer team .  
November 15th at 6:00 PM in Room 133, Anderson High School.

Soccer Parent Meeting Nov. 5th

All students interested in trying out for the Anderson High Schools Boys Soccer team need to bring their parents to this informantive meeting on Tuesday  Nov. 5th at 6:30 pm in the Library at Anderson High School.