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Welcome to English I Pre-AP and English III at Anderson High School!
I look forward to being a part of your school year at Anderson High School. Please redirect to BLEND to see posts, assignments, and calendar.



  • Topic sentence includes the TITLE, AUTHOR/POET/DIRECTOR/ CREATOR, and your ASSERTION. Include the HOW and the WHAT/WHY.
  • Concrete details should be EMBEDDED. Only pull the most important words, phrases, or facts! END the sentence after you include all facts. Don’t include any opinions here! Wait!
  • Commentary Two, at least. This is your analysis and connection to the TS.



  • Summarize the plot
  • Summarize quotes
  • Repeat your thesis without adding anything additional
 Use strong verbs in your commentary in reference to your CD: “This shows that ­powerful verb…” “These descriptions… imply/suggest/allude to/represent/create a _____ tone or mood/etc.”
  • Don’t say, “These words create a vivid image to the reader.”
  • Don’t state the obvious. Avoid simply rewording the quote.
    • She uses the word “old” to show that the town is old and outdated.
    • Instead: She uses the word “old” to suggest a non-progressive attitude of the citizens.
  • Explain how the quote(s) support your assertion made in your TS.
  • Why does the author use these words? What effect does the quote have on the reader? What implications can be made? What is the purpose of the author doing this? How does it affect characterization/conflict/theme/tone/etc.? Think BIG PICTURE!