Rankin, Randy » Welcome to My Art I, Drawing and AP Studio Art Classes!

Welcome to My Art I, Drawing and AP Studio Art Classes!

I would like to welcome students and parents to my Art classes! This year I will be teaching Art I (1st & 7th Periods), Drawing I (2nd & 4th Periods), Drawing II  5th Period), Drawing III (8th Period) and AP Studio Art (8th Period). 

In Art I, we are beginning with a series of sketchbook drawings and an introduction to the Elements and Principles of Art and Design as our major focus during the first six weeks. There will also be a major project assigned soon that will exercise their knowledge of the Elements and Principles.

In Drawing I, my students will do some practicing for a few weeks and will then be assigned their first major project which will be done in graphite.  This will set the tone for other projects that will come as the semester and year unfold. 
In Drawing II, my students will pick up where they left off last year and continue working on specific projects using a variety of media. Of course, we will spend some time practicing before we get kicked into high gear.
In Drawing III my students will begin working on individually designed projects and will be working in a variety of selected mediums.
In AP Studio art, we will be spending a bit of valuable time discuss the components of the AP Portfolio and making some decisions on how to plan for ultimate success. 

I am expecting great things from all of my students this year and look forward to working with each of them!

One point of business, your student is required to pay his or her art course fee which will cover the cost of all the materials, tools and supplies needed during the year. I would greatly appreciate you taking care of this as soon as possible. For your convenience, AISD is offering parents the option of paying for their students art course fees with a credit or debit card. It is very similar to buying anything thru a secure online website. Go to www.austinisd.schoolcashonline.com and follow the procedure. Note: there will be a 3% service charge added to your payment for using this service. Of course you can send cash or checks if you wish. Make checks payable to "Anderson High School".
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Mr. Rankin