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About me:
I grew up in Houston, but I moved to Austin as quickly as I could when I did my undergraduate at UT @ Austin majoring in Plan II with a focus on Classics. I did my graduate work in Classical Philology at Cornell University. This is my 15th year teaching at Anderson. 
Latin 1, Latin 2, Advanced Latin 3, IB Latin 4, AP Latin 4, IB Latin 5, AP Latin 5, Honors Latin 6
Clubs, organizations, activities:
I sponsor the 70+ member Latin Club/Junior Classical League chapter, and I'm also the sponsor of the Texas State Junior Classical League Treasurer.  I'm the President of ACS, the Central Texas Latin teacher organization.  Our Latin Club travels on a historical/cultural tour of a Roman-ruled country every year.2018: Ancient Italy, 2019: Ancient Britain, Spring Break 2022: Ancient Italy/Sicily, 2023: Roman North Italy and Croatia, 2024: Ancient Greece. See the photos of our travels below.
My Tutorial Times:

Usual times: Tues - Thursday 8:30-9:00, Tues at Lunch, or by appt.

Where to find more information:
Please use your BLEND account for all assignments, deadlines, announcements, etc.  I will no longer be using Edlio for these purposes.  Multas Gratias! Here is the link to BLEND: https://aisdblend.instructure.com
You may also find other course materials on the official Anderson Latin website at:
You can also find information about the Anderson Latin Club here: http://andersonlatin.weebly.com/jcl--latin-club.html


Transition to Canvas

Salvete, omnes!  Since our school has adopted Canvas this year, I will be transitioning from Edlio to Canvas.  For all course assignments, deadlines, announcements, etc., please check your Canvas account.  Multas Gratias!!!

Congratulations, JCL Latin Club Team!!!

Area Tournament Championship Trophy Winners: Michael Morran (Latin Dramatic Interpretation Overall Champion), Will Ladyman (Ancient Geography Overall Champion), Keita Bryce (Latin Derivatives Overall Champion)!!

First Place Category Winners: Eleanor Froelich (Latin Dramatic Interpretation-Girls), Michael Morran (Latin Dramatic Interpretation-Boys)Will Ladyman (Ancient Geography 4), Keita Bryce (Latin Derivatives 5), Michael Morran (Greek History), Veronika Holm (Greek Life and Lit 1), Christian Soenen (Latin Derivatives 3), Lauren Humphrey (Latin Reading Comp-Poetry 5), Mauricio Tellez (Olympica), Christian Soenen (Latin Vocabulary 3), and Caitlin Babb (Latin Vocabulary 2)!!!

Second Place Category Winners: Brady Williamson (Ancient Geography), Caitlin Babb (Latin Derivatives), Brady Williamson (Monochromatic Art-Classical Theme), Elena Goeckel (Polychromatic Art-Classical theme), Ben Reichert (Latin Reading Comprehension 2), Clio Harralson (Latin Reading Comp 5), Keita Bryce (Latin Sight Recitation), Sandra Weber (Latin Vocabulary 5), and Savannah Crain (Latin Vocabulary 3)!

Third place Category Winners: Stuart Kinsey (Latin Derivatives), Will Ladyman (Greek History), Clio Harralson(Latin Mottoes and Quotes 5), Sarah Hollis (Latin Mottoes and Quotes 4), Will Deleery (Mythology), Libby Mangum (Roman costume design), Lauren Humphrey (Latin Reading Comp-Prose 5), and Niko Weyland (Roman History)!

 There are many other students to congratulate who earned recognition with their performance on the Academic Pentathlon!

Italy Trip Application Form

Buon giorno!  If you want to travel to Italy as a Latin 3+ student next year or as a JCL Competitor, please fill out this form.  You can turn it in at any time over the next 8 months.  However, if you want to have plenty of time to register with Explorica in time for the promotional $200 discount, please return this form to me by Monday 11/17!

Italy Meeting this Thursday at 6:15 PM in the Library

Don't forget that we have an informational meeting for the 2016 Italy trip in the library Thursday night (11/13) at 6:15 pm.

Latin Tournament Meeting Wednesday (10/29) at 4:25

The Latin Club is having a Latin Tournament prep meeting on Wednesday 10/29 at 4:25 in Room 305.  Find out about the full range of competitions in which you can participate at area and state Latin conventions.  At state, for example, there are 57 different options which include Latin language, Reading Comp, Mythology, Ancient History, Classically-themed Art, Latin Music, Dramatic Interpretation, Original Play, Discus-throwing, Track and Field, Roman Catapult Design, and many more!  Come find out about each from students who competed last year.  Snacks will be provided!​  We will also have an Italy Trip update!

Latin Club Meeting Wednesday (10/15) at 4:25

Latin Club Meeting Wednesday (10/15) at 4:25

Congratulations, Class of 2014! Happy Summer, all!

Congratulations, Class of 2014!  Happy Summer, all!

Latin Club Meeting Thurs 4/3 at 4:25

Latin Club Meeting Thurs 4/3 at 4:25 to discuss State!

Mandatory Italy Pre-departure Meeting

Mandatory Italy Meeting This Monday (2/10) 6:30 PM for Parents and Travelers!!!

Area F Latin Tournament Meeting Tuesday 4:25

For those of us going to the Latin Tournament on Feb 7-8th, we have a quick meeting to discuss the schedule of the tournament, food orders, and preparation for the competitions.  You also need to pick up a permission form that your parents must sign and return to me.