Anderson High School


Dare to be different! Learn a second language!   

 Wish list for our classroom: facial tissue, clorox wipes, games

Please use your Blend account for all assignments, deadlines, announcements, etc.  

 All World Language Classes offer travel opportunities.  
Please ask your instructor for details. 
Welcome to class!  I teach Spanish 3 Regular, and AVID. I am also the Student Council Sponsor.  
The Spanish 3 Regular classes are designed for students who want to continue to study Spanish with a focus on communication. 
This year in AVID we will focus on our college essays and public speaking.
My conference periods are period 4 (3:00- 4:30) and period 5 (9-10:30).
My classroom phone number is 512-841-1637 and my email address is

Please visit the Student Council website by clicking on this link!