IB courses @ AHS

IB courses offered at Anderson High School
On the right side of your screen, please note the IB Subject Briefs, which provide course descriptions and aims, curriculum overviews, and assessment information.
Group 1
English A: Literature HL
Group 2
Chinese B Mandarin SL
Chinese B Mandarin HL
Mandarin Ab Initio SL
French B SL
French B HL
French Ab Initio SL
German B SL
German B HL
German Ab Initio SL
Latin SL
Latin HL
Spanish B SL
Spanish B HL
Spanish Ab Initio SL
Group 3
History: Americas HL
Psychology SL
Psychology HL
Group 4
Biology SL
Biology HL
Physics SL
Physics HL
Group 5
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL**
**(Curriculum is part of the AP Calculus AB/BC course for Diploma students)
Group 6 - IB Elective
Film HL
Visual Arts HL
The IB Elective can also be another Group 2, Group 3, or Group 4 subject.