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College Credit for IB studies

Universities across the world accept IB examinations and IB Diplomas for college credit.  Texas Senate Bill 111 makes it mandatory for all public Texas colleges and universities to grant a minimum of 24 credit hours for all IB Diploma holders.

Students who do not receive a full IB Diploma are still eligible to receive college credit for individual IB tests. The credits and scores vary from University to University. Generally, students who score a 4 or higher are eligible for college credit. 

For more information on how colleges award credit for final IB scores, please visit this IB BLOG:
For information on the University of Texas at Austin awarding credit for AP and IB scores, please visit:
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For information on Texas A&M University credit for AP & IB exams, please visit:
This information can generally be found on ANY college website, try searching for "Advanced Placement" or "International Baccalaureate" for scores needed for credit earned via AP and IB exams.
Students and families should recognize that college credit for IB and AP can vary from campus to campus.  IB is excellent college preparation, but the college credit will depend upon the institution and the student's final assessed scores.