Anderson High School

Transfers interested in IB


Acceptances to Anderson IB were emailed on February 24 to the email addresses provided in the internal application.  Congratulations to all accepted students!  If you did not receive an email, please contact  Jill Spencer, IB Coordinator at  The Intent to Enroll electronic form must be submitted by March 26th.  Remember that acceptance of an IB curriculum transfer to Anderson IB does supercede a general transfer and students are required to pursue IB Diploma studies in their Junior and Senior year.


Curriculum Transfer students

(for students who DO NOT live in the Anderson neighborhood - Anderson accepts out of district transfers)


The application for Fall 2021 IB Curriculum Transfer is closed.


Applications are accepted from current 8th, 9th, or 10th graders



STEP 1: 

  • Go to AISD’s Parent Cloud at to log in or create an account - Google Chrome is the preferred browser
  • Search for AISD Intent to Apply to Magnet/Application Program
  • Follow prompts given to “Add new student” and/or “New Intent to Apply”
  • Check boxes of interested programs
  • SCROLL DOWN to bottom to add teacher emails for recommendations and to Save & submit


Parents MUST complete STEP 1 with AISD for student to be considered for transfer to Anderson's IB program EVEN if student is currently NOT in an AISD school.


STEP 2: 

  • After Intent to Apply has been successfully submitted, click on AISD Intent to Apply Tile in parent cloud
  • Select Intent to Apply for appropriate student
  • Scroll down to check the box to select Anderson H.S. International Baccalaureate.  Be sure to click on the triangle beside the box to show the link to the application and additional requirements.  
  • Anderson's IB Application is linked in the Intent to Apply Tile. It has required uploads, please follow the instructions to save and submit the application.
  • Follow instructions on the application to upload additional components by the due date of February 1.  
The following items should be uploaded into the application:
  • For students NOT currently enrolled in AISD: Upload transcripts/report cards and attendance records from the current and previous school year. (AISD will provide this information for current AISD students.)  Optional nationally-normed standardized test scores may also be uploaded into the online application.
  • Students should upload a sample of their school work. It can be from any of their courses, but it should be something that they are proud of!  The best samples will be something that required planning and creativity, not just a regular homework assignment or test. 
  • Student Essay Prompt (not to exceed 500 words)    IB learners strive to be inquirers, thinkers, risk-takers, and communicators who are knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, balanced, and reflective. In which ways are you already some of these, and would you like to be some of the others and why? Please give specific examples to support your assertion.  
TWO teacher recommendations are required.  One from student’s current math or science teacher AND ONE from their English or history teacher.  Enter the teacher emails into the AISD Intent to Apply page, or send teachers the PDF link on this webpage. DO NOT DO BOTH. Recommendation letters sent from student or parent emails will be excluded from the application.

Acceptance/denial letters will be EMAILED by February 26.


Intent to enroll electronic form (included in the acceptance email) must be completed by March 26.


Important Information about AISD Curriculum Transfer Policy:

  • All accepted students are automatically provided a curriculum transfer, if they are not currently zoned for Anderson H.S. A separate transfer form is not necessary.
  • Acceptance into Anderson IB  as a curriculum transfer supersedes any other transfer.  An offer of acceptance to Anderson IB does not affect acceptances from other AISD programs.  Students with multiple acceptances into multiple programs will be allowed to choose the program that best suits their needs.  (i.e. students accepted into McCallum Fine Arts and Anderson IB will be able to choose which school they would like to attend).
  • If a student receives Special Education services, there may be a review by the Special Education Department to ensure that the student’s needs can be met at this campus.  Final acceptance is contingent upon this review. 
  • Curriculum transfers are NOT provided transportation by AISD.