Mu Alpha Theta Club Information

SPONSORS: David Campbell and Gabriel Rangel
MEETING TIME:  Lunch  12:40 - 1:25pm
DUES:  $10
PURPOSE: Mu Alpha Theta is a National Mathematics Honor Society dedicated to inspiring keen interest in, developing strong scholarship in, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics. Mu Alpha Theta recognizes students who enjoy and excel in mathematics and encourages students to participate in math-related events, such as U.I.L. math competitions: Calculator, Number Sense, and Mathematics. Membership into Mu Alpha Theta is by invitation only to those who are in Algebra II or higher level math courses with an 85 or above cumulative average in all of their math classes. Membership forms will be given out by math teachers near the end of the first weeks, and these forms and are due in October.​
Updated:   9/2020