Anderson High School

Career Pathways » Film/Media Technology

Film/Media Technology

Courses offered at Anderson High School

Video Production Strand:
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Advanced Audio Video Production
  • Practicum in Audio Video Production I
  • Practicum in Audio Video Production II

Animation Strand:
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Animation
  • Advanced Animation
  • Video Game Design

Interests/Skills/Traits Associated with this Pathway
  • Creative: Imaginative, innovative, original
  • Consensus Building: Exchange ideas, info, and opinions with others to arrive at a solution.
  • Communicating: Work with audio, visual, graphic, or written media.
  • Decision Making: Uses independent judgment
  • Comparing: Examining data, people or things to determine similarities/differences
  • Spatial: Working, moving guiding or placing objects, materials or color.