Anderson High School

Career Pathways » Drama Communications/Media

Drama Communications/Media

Courses Offered at Anderson High School
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Advanced Design and Illustration
  • Advanced Design and Illustration/Yearbook & Magazine
  • Yearbook II
  • Yearbook III
  • Magazine II
  • Magazine III

Interests/Skills/Traits Associated with this Pathway
  • Synthesizing: Combine parts or elements to form a whole.
  • Coordinating: Guiding activities to achieve a goal.
  • Analyzing: Examining/evaluating data
  • Compiling: Gathering, arranging, or classifying information.
  • Communication: Verbal/writing skills
  • Objective Thinking.
  • Listening Skills
  • Energy/Drive/Ambition
  • Consensus Building: Exchange ideas/info/opinions/others to arrive at a solution