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Career Pathways » Business/Accounting


Related Courses Offered at Anderson High School

  • Accounting I
  • Business Computer Programming
  • Business Information Management I
  • Computer Science I
  • Digital & Interactive Media
  • Money Matters
  • Web Technologies
  • Marketing Dynamics
  • Practicum in Marketing Dynamics I
  • Practicum in Marketing Dynamics II

Interests/Skills/Traits Associated with this Career Strand

  • Computing: Determining info through the use of mathematical or statistical operations.
  • Synthesizing: Combine parts or elements to form a whole
  • Negotiating: Exchange ideas, info, and opinions with others to arrive at a solution.
  • Analyzing: Examining and evaluating data
  • Compiling: Gathering, arranging, or classifying info.
  • Comparing: Examining data
  • Mentoring: Advising, counseling, guiding people