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Things Parents Should Know

Things All Anderson Parents Should Know


  1. The school WEBSITE will answer most of your questions about Anderson HS. Go to and mark it as a favorite, it is your direct link to all things Trojan.


  1. The TROJAN TIMES weekly e-newsletter brings you the most up-to-date campus news in a timely fashion. Subscribe by going to the home page and clicking on Trojan Times Newsletter under Popular Links.


  1. Follow us on FACEBOOK and  TWITTER at @ahsnewss (yes, there are 2 s’s).


  1. Sign up to receive the DAILY SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS. These announcements are read and posted for the students each day. Stay informed about important school announcements, athletic events, accolades about our students and MORE. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the announcements.


  1. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Tuesday, August 17th 2021.  Students will find their names posted on lists inside the school that gives them their alpha homeroom assignments. Students go to this class first on the first day of school.  They will receive their schedules and first day packet information. Send your child with a notebook and pencil. Lunch lines can be really long in the cafeteria the first few days back so your student may want to bring a lunch.


  1. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT  - Monday, September 13, 2021.  When you visit your child’s classrooms, look around and write down the names of other students in the class. Your child may need help with a homework assignment after an absence. And it’s odd, but many kids can’t seem to remember who is in their class when it counts the most! Write down teachers tutoring hours and how each teacher prefers to be contacted, whether by phone or email. Keep in mind that since this is high school, teachers want to hear from the student first if there is a question or problem.


  1. PARKING – Parents, please do not park in any designated parking spaces such as principal, staff, or otherwise. You may park in the front circle drive in spaces marked visitor and in the visitor spot close to the school in the student parking lot off of Steck. Do not park along any curb that is painted red or along Mesa where indicated as NO PARKING ZONES. If you are a regular volunteer, you need to request a parking permit from the department in which you are volunteering. This will allow you to park in non-visitor spaces.


  1. LUNCH – Only seniors are allowed to leave campus during lunch. School monitors are on duty to en­force this rule. If your non-senior student has a note to leave campus for an appointment during the lunch period, make sure there is a phone number where you can be reached to confirm this. Otherwise, a pass cannot be issued. Students can purchase or bring their lunch.  Students can eat in the cafeteria, at picnic table, in front of the band hall, etc.  We will have one lunch period again this year. Your student may bring a nutritious snack to have during announcements (usually around 10:30).


  1. PERMITS TO LEAVE – Parent notes are required for students to leave campus or return to campus from an absence. A student may bring in a note before school begins, drop it at the attendance office, and come back for a pink pass between class periods. It is not necessary for a parent to walk into the building to pick up a child, as long as the child has gone through the appropriate procedure. Student first and last name, ID number, parent phone number and reason for absence must be included in the note. When a student returns from a doctor, dentist, or orthodontist appointment, the student should re-enter through the office and drop off an official pass from the attending professional.


  1. SICK AT SCHOOL – Any time a student feels ill during the school day, they must ask their teacher for a pass to the nurse’s office and if they need to go home, the nurse will call their parent and give the student a pass to leave.  The student should NOT text their parent from class asking them to come get them out of class.  Leaving the school by texting their parent could result in an unexcused absence for the student.


  1. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES – If your child has more than 4 unexcused absences in a semester, they could receive a “no credit” grade for each class with 4 or more absences so make sure your child gets to class on time (20 minutes late gets marked as an absence).


  1. VOE FORMS – VOE forms (Verification of Enrollment forms) are required by the state for minors to take drivers education classes and/or receive a Driver’s License.  There is a clipboard in the front office for students to sign up to receive forms. These forms are processed once a week on Wednesdays only. If you sign up by the end of day on a Tuesday, the VOE form will be ready to be picked up at the Attendance Desk after school on the following Wednesday.


  1. EXTRA CREDIT – Extra credit is a gift. Encourage your child to take advantage of it, as he/she may need it at the end of a grading period. The free tutoring offered by teachers before and after school is also invaluable. Tutoring times are available on the website


  1. LOCKER COMBINATIONS should NOT be shared with other students. But, as a parent, you will want to record combinations and keep them in a safe place at home. The building manager also keeps a copy of the combination.


  1. STUDENT DIRECTORY –The directory is online again this year. Directory access (one per family) can be purchased along with your PTSA Membership. The online directory should be available by mid-October, watch for an email with login instructions.


  1. SCHOOL SUPPLIES – Teachers will give students a school supply list specific to their class during the first week of school.  If you go to Office Depot to purchase your school supplies, make sure to give them the Anderson # 70094729 when checking out. The school will receive 5% of your purchase amount.


  1. REQUIRED ENGLISH CLASS READING – On the first day of school all students receive a list of novels that are required reading for their respective English classes. The PTSA sells these novels as a fundraiser and courtesy for families. Look for the order form online or as a handout from your student. Books must be ordered the first two weeks of school and will be delivered to students in their English classes the following week. Take advantage of this wonderful service. You won’t regret not scrambling to find the books at the last minute!


  1. COLLEGE RESUME BUILDING - Start a file for your child when he/she enters ninth grade by using your students Naviance account. Naviance is the college and career readiness software that provides students with college planning and career assessment tools.  Write down all awards and honors your child receives and community service, work, and extracurricular activities in which he/she participates. Keep report cards and schedules in the file. This will all be extremely helpful when you begin completing applications for jobs, scholarships, and colleges.


  1. Encourage your child to GET INVOLVED. Anderson is a big school. Joining an organization of interest makes it smaller. Encourage your child to listen to the announcements to hear about different clubs, organizations, and upcoming meetings. You can find a list of clubs and organizations at Clubs and activities are varied. There is something for everyone!


  1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE INVOLVED! Now is not the time for parents to walk away from their child’s school. Your kids and Anderson High School need you more than ever. Please join the PTSA and then look on the website and in the Trojan Times for opportunities to lead, serve and/or volunteer. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. BLOCK SCHEDULING – Anderson has A and B Days.  A Day consists of Periods 1, 2, 3, 4 and B Day is Periods 5, 6, 7, 8. The Anderson A/B Calendar can be found on the main calendar on the AHS HOMEPAGE


  1. LATE START DAYS – Check the school calendar in your first day packet for Late Start Days. These are held on various Thursdays throughout the year with school starting at 10:00 am. Buses do run and adjust to the 10:00 start. Late Start Days provide the necessary time for on-going support for teachers, sharing of best practices and built-in time for assessing the effectiveness of program implementation.