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Safe Homes

Safe Homes Parent Pledge

We agree to send a consistent message to our children that alcohol use under the age of 21 and any use of illegal drugs is unlawful and unacceptable. We will foster an environment of open communication and dialogue with our child.

We will help to build our child’s self esteem by providing alternatives to chemicals, helping them to feel grown up in other ways and teaching them how to confront problems.

We will teach our child to view drugs as a serious concern and will realize that we can influence our child’s decisions about whether or not to use drugs.

We will only allow student parties and gatherings in our home when we are present and willing to supervise.

We will not serve alcohol or drugs to other minor children in our home nor will we tolerate the possession of alcohol or other drugs on our property by minors.

We will make every effort to prevent students from driving if we know or suspect they have been drinking or using drugs.

We will require our sons and daughters to observe reasonable hours.

We will take measures to be certain our children attend gatherings that are properly chaperoned and are alcohol and drug-free. 

We will not be tempted to think “Our child would never engage in risky behaviors.” Believing this is risky in and of itself.