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Our Children and their Mental Health

Growing up can be stressful. Finding the right answers to help your child can also be stressful. But how do you know when stress, sadness changes in behavior, are a normal part of adolescence or something to be concerned about? Join us for our latest installment in the Anderson PTSA Parent Education Minis series as we look at anxiety and depression. What are the signs? How do you talk to your teen, and equally as important, when do you just listen?

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“Adult-ing” can be tough .. Top Three Tips for your Future College Student
(and for anyone else in the midst of growing up!)
Sometimes that long and winding road from home to independence can offer hairpin turns.
Join us for the latest installment of Anderson High School PTSA Parent Education Minis. As seniors across the country graduate and other students begin the application process, parents are doing mental aerobics trying to figure out what to say to keep their kids safe. Don’t wait until they leave for school.  Start now.

Dr. Jill Grimes, University of Texas Urgent Care doctor, author and mom, offers her top three tips (prescription drugs, pre-gaming & sex) for making the difficult switch from parental management to independence.  No matter what grade your student is in, it’s time to start talking and listening so the conversation can continue.

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Drugs.  Alcohol.  Prescriptions. Teenagers.
Is the temptation a dangerous cocktail or just a matter of “kids will be kids”?
In our first installment of the 2016/17 Parent Education Mini-Video series we talk frankly about the "Science of High Risk Behavior".  In other words -- protecting our kids' developing brains and why staying engaged as parents is so important during these transformative years.
We talk with Behavioral Health counselor Crystal Collier PhD, LPC-S and a young adult addict in recovery.

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Suicide Prevention—Keeping our Teens Safe
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Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: Oh My!

Social Media is inevitable in your student’s world. Watch the first installment of Anderson PTSA’s Parent Education Mini-Video Series to find out what you can do to encourage your student to stay safe and use social media in a positive way.

Here’s what parents who have watched the video-mini are saying about this great Parent Education tool:

“This is a very well done video worth watching by anyone that has a young person in their lives with social media access. The emphasis on the older generations need to embrace the younger generation's communication world, understand how to maneuver within it, and promote ways to drive usage is social media in a way that is encouraging to others and for the good of the community is a very good message to share! Thank you Anderson High School PTSA!” - Doss/Murchison Parent

"Very proud of Anderson High School PTSA to recognize the powerful position they have to educate parents about real world issues. Wonderful job!” - former Anderson/Murchison/Doss parent

"Parents - Please take a moment to watch this video about social media created by the Anderson PTSA. We owe it to our children to understand and help them.” - former Anderson parent

"Thanks Anderson PTSA for encouraging the dialogue in providing resources. It's difficult to navigate the troubling waters and it's always helpful to hear different perspectives and find support for your efforts.” - Doss/Murchison/Anderson parent