Anderson High School

Yearbook Information





2019-2020 yearbook distribution will be December 16 from 1:30 to 3pm, teacher parking lot, and yearbooks will be sold at that time. If you want to purchase a yearbook, please bring exact change or a check made out for $75 to Anderson Yearbook. 

Yearbooks and senior ads can be ordered at (direct link is )
WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS!!  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for sharing options. 



The 2020-2021 yearbook will be created using the publisher's online program so that all staff members are able to work in it even if they choose to remain virtual.  




Q: When can I pick up last year's yearbook? 

A: Wednesday, December 16 from 1:30 to 3pm teacher parking lot (Cima Serena side)


Q: How do I know if I purchased a yearbook? 

A: Look to the right. You will see the link "Yearbook Sales Aug" 


Q: What if I can't pick up the book on Wednesday?
A: That will be determined. You will not, however, be able to stop by at any time and pick up the book. No one is allowed to visit the campus. You will need to wait until we make another plan for distribution. 


Q: What if I bought a book and my name is not on the list?

A: You will need to check your email or bank statement for a receipt from Balfour. If you can find proof of purchase, email it to  


Q: How can I buy a 2019-2020 yearbook?

A: We will likely be selling them at distribution on December 16th, $75 exact cash or checks only. 


Q: How do I order a 2021 yearbook? 

A: Go to 


Q: What about class photos?

A: When we get word from the district we will schedule those. At this time, we are planning a hybrid solution that entails taking a photo at school or submitting a photo (with requirements) of your own. 


Q: What about senior photos?

A: We are working with the photographers on this as well. You will have the opportunity to take a photo at the studio or at the school. At this time, a decision has not been made about submitting your own photo.  


Q: What about senior ads? 

A: Senior ads are being sold at and for the first time, you will design your own ad.  All of the instructions are included in the confirmation email you will receive from Balfour. 


Q: What about other photos for sports, etc? 

A: We are asking for help from everyone in submitting photos to the yearbook staff.  See the information about Imageshare below. 


In accordance with the Austin Independent School District guidelines and Texas law, senior ads that depict, refer to or involve illegal activities will not be accepted. 
Publishing of senior ads is at the discretion of the yearbook editors under guidance of the adviser. It should go without saying, but the following criteria must be met for an ad to be published in the yearbook: 

-No references or photos related or showing alcoholic beverages.
-No references or photos related to drug use or anything drug related.
-No references or photos related to the smoking of cigarettes, cigars and/or other tobacco products.
-No references or photos with sexual harassment(ie: degrading name(s) or suggestive material). 
-No references or photos with negative comments concerning race, religion or groups of people.
-No references or photos with inappropriate hand gestures or gang symbols or gang-related activities. -No references to rude or suggestive song lyrics.
-No ads will be accepted that contain cut up pictures. Collages will not be accepted. The yearbook staff will size the pictures in the ad.
-Messages should be written as a personal tribute to the accomplishments of or best wishes for the senior. Messages in support of a political cause or issue will not be accepted. 
Questions?  Contact  - Please note, if your name is not on the list, I do not have an order for you. If you are able to find a receipt in your email you may contact me with that information and I give you contact information, but there is no way for me to "double-check".  This is all the information that I have. 

10/30/20 - HUNDREDS of yearbooks were picked up today!!  It was a very successful delivery.  We will work out a plan to distribute the rest as well as the additional items you ordered. It will likely be when the seniors have come back from college so that they can pick up their book. 


I do ask that you please remember that the book was unfinished when we went virtual in March. Many pages had to be replaced, and things got moved around.  InDesign was unavailable to the staff, so finishing the entire book fell solely on me, Mrs. Ballard. Most students sort of checked out but I had a couple that stuck around and really tried to help, emailing copy and photos, and helping to proof pages. It was not the students' fault they could not be more active but just the situation we were in. 


If you know anything about InDesign, it links to images rather than places them directly on the page. Because the entire book had to be saved to a hard drive, all image locations changed and had to be relinked. This means that there were very likely some errors.  The book is far from perfect but I worked very hard on it and hope that you are able to overlook the errors and know that it will always be remembered as the book created in the midst of a pandemic.  I also spent countless hours working on Virtual Graduation during the same time period and created the Graduation Slideshow so that seniors had a little something extra to help make up for the things they missed.  


I appreciate your kind words of appreciation and ask that you avoid sending negative comments just for the sake of venting.  We are all a little more stressed at the moment (I am still recovering from COVID, as a matter of fact) and everyone deserves a little understanding.  If an error affected you, I am truly sorry.  I always want you to be happy with the book and the memories inside it.  


In addition to finishing the yearbook with little help, I worked on Virtual Graduation and created the graduation parade slideshow.  I worked a full two weeks after I was supposed to be on summer break to try to give the seniors a little something special since they had missed so much. 


The 2020-2021 yearbook will be created using the publisher's online program so that all staff members are able to work in it even if they choose to remain virtual.