Anderson High School

Yearbook Information





October 23-25- Senior Portraits on Campus.


Order online ANYTIME at WWW.BALFOUR.COM using credit or debit card. 
Yearbooks are $65 through December 31st.  The price goes up to $70 on January 1st, and $75 on May 1st.  

TO ORDER UNDERCLASSMEN SCHOOL PHOTOS ONLINE GO TO Call Photo Texas Photography at 512-617-7780 to get the code.  
You must have your photo made by Photo Texas Photography for it to be included in the yearbook.  You may call them to set up a studio appointment at 512-617-7780.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PHOTO MADE BY PHOTO TEXAS, EITHER AT THE STUDIO OR AT THE SCHOOL, BY DECEMBER 9!!  Absolutely no submissions from other photographers or late submissions.  Photo Texas Photography will come to the school to take photographs in the library on Senior portraits will be October 23-25  and  December 3-4 . Again, you may go to the studio at any time rather than take it at the school.  Go to, click "Seniors" and create an account using "Trojans" as the code.  Use this account to choose your pose for the yearbook. 

Senior ads are on sale online at through January 22nd.   Order forms will be available in the front office and checks may be mailed to the school.  No ads will be sold after 1/22.  Further information will be available on the website at   All photos and the text of the ad will be submitted to Balfour. You will receive instructions when you purchase the ad.
Photos are limited to the following: 1/8 page - 1 photo, 1/4 page - 2 photos, 1/2 page - 5 photos, full page - 10 photos. 
Senior Ad Prices (until November 1st) 
Full - $350
Half - $175
Quarter - $90
Eighth - $55

November 1st - December 31st

Full - $375
Half - $190
Quarter - $95
Eighth - $65

January 1st - January 22nd

Full - $400
Half - $225
Quarter - $125
Eighth - $75




Questions?  Contact  

A couple of things you should be aware of:
  • Students should take their photo during their first Science class if they have more than one, but should not take more than one photo.
  • Students should be aware that referrals will be written for students that swap data cards and have their photo attached to another student's id number.  Students misrepresenting themselves as a senior by changing the grade level on the data card will also receive a referral.  
  • ID cards will be distributed within a few days of the photo date. 
  • IDs will be used to pay for food as well as to receive student devices. Students should safeguard their ids so that other students don't have access to their lunch account or device. 

Please email me at if you have any questions.   Thank you! 

Senior Ad Specifics/Guidelines

In accordance with the Austin Independent School District guidelines and Texas law, senior ads that depict, refer to or involve illegal activities will not be accepted. 
Publishing of senior ads is at the discretion of the yearbook editors under guidance of the adviser. It should go without saying, but the following criteria must be met for an ad to be published in the yearbook: 

-No references or photos related or showing alcoholic beverages.
-No references or photos related to drug use or anything drug related.
-No references or photos related to the smoking of cigarettes, cigars and/or other tobacco products.
-No references or photos with sexual harassment(ie: degrading name(s) or suggestive material). 
-No references or photos with negative comments concerning race, religion or groups of people.
-No references or photos with inappropriate hand gestures or gang symbols or gang-related activities. -No references to rude or suggestive song lyrics.
-No ads will be accepted that contain cut up pictures. Collages will not be accepted. The yearbook staff will size the pictures in the ad.
-Messages should be written as a personal tribute to the accomplishments of or best wishes for the senior. Messages in support of a political cause or issue will not be accepted.