Advanced Placement (AP)

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Honors Courses 

Academic courses that lead to Advanced Placement courses are referred to as Honors courses. Honors courses can be taken in grades 6-11. Emphasis is given to the skills and strategies students need to succeed in AP courses in the junior and senior years and in post-secondary education. Honors courses emphasize critical thinking, additional reading, research, writing, and as appropriate, advanced performance expectations.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP (Advanced Placement) courses provide a college-level curriculum that is prescribed and accepted by the College Board. All AP courses carry weighted grade points. Students in AP classes are expected to complete more reading, writing, and problem solving class assignments independently. After completing an AP course, students may pay a fee to the College Board to take Advanced Placement Exams held annually in May. Results of the exams are sent to colleges and universities designated by the student. Based on the student's scores and the university course recognition procedures, college credit may be awarded.

What benefit do students receive from enrolling in AP classes?

Students who take AP courses will challenge themselves with college-level curriculum, sharpen their academic skills, and learn to think independently. Studies have shown that students who take AP courses are:
--Better prepared academically for college admission on all measures of ability and achievement;
--Better prepared to perform well over their four years in undergraduate work;
--Better prepared to be leaders and scholars at their chosen universities.

Weighted Grade Points for Advanced Academic Courses

All high school advanced academic courses, including Honors, AP, and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, carry weighted grade points, as they follow curriculum guidelines and expectations set forth by their respective academic organizations. Dual credit and college articulated courses also receive weighted grade points.