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Michael Cawvey

About me:
I discovered my interest in education while completing a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin (where . When I realized I was more interested in teaching than I was in becoming a counselor, I combined my love of education with my background in mathematics and have been teaching ever since. In addition to teaching Algebra II, I am also the freshman girls basketball coach. My history with basketball includes playing in high school, volunteering and eventually working for Austin Wildcats Basketball, and coaching for private school teams while I was in graduate school.
Contact Information:
Tutoring hours:
Wed-Fri before school from 8:15-8:55
FIT Sessions every week
By Appointment
Assignments and Due Dates:
Notes and Homework are regularly posted to our BLEND course
A calendar for the first semester is posted in my room and students are welcome to take a picture of the outline for personal reference