Anderson High School

SENIORS! Deadline for Senior Recognition Ads has been extended.

PARENTS OF SENIORS! We have extended the deadline to purchase a senior recognition ad. Buy yours today at (along with your yearbook) Be sure you search for Anderson and look for the yearbook icon. Or click this direct link.

The prices are: 

Full - $400
Half - $225
Quarter - $125
Eighth - $75

After your purchase, you will get an email within a couple of days from with instructions.  Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure we receive your materials in a timely manner.  

No ads will be sold after 1/22.  Further information will be available on the website at   All photos and the text of the ad must be emailed to  We will not type messages due to the unique spelling of words commonly used within families so please proof your text carefully. Note: We do not accept pre-made ads!  Photos are limited to the following: 1/8 page - 1 photo, 1/4 page - 2 photos, 1/2 page - 5 photos, full page - 10 photos.  ALL AD MATERIALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE GMAIL ACCOUNT BY FEBRUARY 10!! 

Questions?  Email Mrs. Ballard at