Anderson High School

Principal Harrison's Summer Letter

Dear Anderson students and families,

Happy summer! I know everyone’s schedules were super busy the last few weeks especially with graduations and end of the year celebrations. Anderson is going through a few minor renovations for the building this summer. The current plan is to get the new roof on the Large Gym finished and to complete some bathroom renovations to bring them into ADA compliance.

Boy Scouts of America are running 4 weeks of STEAM camp for 3rd through 9th graders. Dates for the TechLab camps are: June 18-22, June 25-29, July 9-13, and July 16-20.

There are a variety of other Anderson summer camps going on at this summer. Check the Anderson website for information, dates, and availability.

Student course selections for 2018-19 school year will be mailed USPS to home addresses in late June. This is one last check-in to ensure that student course selections are accurate. Please take a few minutes to review this information with your student. Change requests to student course selections must be entered in this Google doc:

Students/parents can make multiple entries to the google doc if necessary. This enables the Counselors to track change requests and ensure that requests are completed accurately and promptly. Your cooperation in this is very helpful.

The sooner Counselors receive this updated, accurate scheduling information the more likely the master schedule can accommodate students’ first preferences. The absolute, non-negotiable deadline is August 1, 2018 as per AISD policy. After August 1st, we will only be able to correct errors in schedules with students enrolled in classes they have already earned credit for or for which the student does not have the prerequisite course earned.

Students who need a Verification of Enrollment (VOE form) form in order to get a Driver’s License may come to the Main Office and sign up for a VOE form by Tuesday morning. We verify attendance information (for most recently completed semester) and print forms Tuesday afternoons. These forms are only valid until August 20th.

Delta Credit Recovery at Anderson is June 6th -22nd. Students should e-mail Ms. Navarro for information: for information about Delta.

Students who are moving or withdrawing will need to complete the withdrawal procedure 
through the Registrar’s Office including return of all textbooks, Chromebook, library books, or school materials checked out to the student. This information is required to ensure that accurate school records are transmitted electronically to the receiving school for the student. Having accurate information on student credits upon enrollment makes the change in schools less problematic as far as creating the student’s schedule of courses.

I hope you were able to join us for graduation at the Erwin Center on Thursday, May 31st. It was a lovely ceremony with sincerest accolades, bittersweet partings and a few chuckles. The senior class of 2018 has, to date, earned in excess of $14.7 million dollars in scholarship offers and grants. Offers are still coming in, so the total amount is fluid, but what an impressive culmination for the Class of 2018!!!

When school begins in August, we will be issuing Chromebooks (with touch screens and a tough case) to incoming 9th grade students as well as students new to Anderson HS. There are permission slips and parent information that will be communicated soon. Students who need hard copies of their textbooks will be able to individually request these through the Library.  This Pat year with an enrollment over 2200 fewer than 100 students had hard copies of textbooks checked out. Returning Anderson students kept their Chromebooks over the summer to work on summer assignments published in a summer BLEND course with specific modules for courses/programs.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to incorporate digital and interactive learning through students’ devices. Chromebooks are treated much like textbooks were previously with the expectation of care and good faith usage. The plan is for students to keep the same device all four years at Anderson in order to encourage responsible use and care for the device.

With AISD moving to BLEND as a learning management system, the potential is great for students to have a variety of modalities incorporated in learning activities and in student work. As always, parents are our partners and your perspective, feedback and suggestions are welcome as we move through this new facet of learning at Anderson HS.

Have a restful, safe and fun-filled summer! See you in August! The first day of school is August 20th and Back to School Night is September 5th.

Sammi Harrison, Principal