Anderson High School

PSAT Test on Wednesday!

This Wednesday, 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT test during school.  We will be on a special bell schedule that day to accommodate testing and there will be no student sharing.   


10th and 11th grade- students will have their assigned testing classrooms posted on all three floors. 


9th grade- All freshmen will be assigned to a teacher/room (posted on all three floors) for the entire morning and will rotate through a few different activities: Fitnessgram testing, college and career presentation, and study hall.  What do you need to bring?  You will have about an hour of study hall time – be prepared with homework or study materials.  Everyone will need something to work on!  You should also come dressed to complete the Fitnessgram: closed-toed tennis shoes and clothes that are appropriate for running in and doing other physical things such as push-up and curl-ups.  Students who have already completed their Fitnessgram testing for the fall through P.E. or dance class will not be required to test again. 


12th grade- students will have several options that day:

1) TSI testing in the library (students have been notified)

2) College visit (students must present an official letter from the college or university as proof of visit)

3) Finance and Literacy presentation, presented by Bank of America from 10:30 am - 11:30 am (room 133), student will remain on campus

4) work on college applications at home (students can bring a copy of what they worked on to receive an excused absence for that morning)


Classes are in session in the afternoon and students must attend class.