If your senior cannot make their portraits this summer, there will be opportunities for photos at the studio this fall (they open up booking one month at a time) or if your senior wants to there will be two days on campus in September. Not as many options as if you went to the studio, but there will be days available then. Once you book the session, the emails do stop reminding you, but if it becoming too much just hit "unsubscribe" and just be on the lookout for Anderson reminder emails about booking.

Some reminders for Cady: 

  • Their whole idea is a one-stop studio to take your cap and gown photo AND your "nice" photos. However, if you already have another photographer booked, the only photos you need to get is the "basic" with your cap and gown, but that also includes one other studio portrait as part of that basic package. 
  • The basic $30 sitting fee goes toward the price of the photos. So if you were just planning to get say the cap and gown photo (and they also include another studio photo) that $30 would go toward that cost. Also, if you need any financial assistance with this, please reach out to me at [email protected] and I'm happy to help you