Community Letter from Principal Harrison

May 18, 2021


Dear Anderson community,

As the school year winds down, teachers and students are working diligently to ensure all required topics are covered, projects are completed, final examination preparation is ongoing and students have completed all required assignments. Looking forward to next school year, AISD will be in-person teaching while continuing to follow guidance from AISD Health Services and Austin Public Health officials.

Recent approval of Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 12-16 should help us get students who are willing vaccinated. We are working to provide a vaccination clinic on Thursday, May 20th that is open to students ages 12-18. Hopefully, if we can get more students fully vaccinated, next school year can be more of a “normal school year” without significant disruptions from quarantines or illnesses. There are still sign-up slots available for the Pfizer vaccine with second shots scheduled for June 17th at the same time of day.

AISD Trustee’s Awards and Recognition Scholars Awards celebration on Monday, May 17th from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm was huge success. Trustee’s Awards honor students with the top 10% of their class for academic achievement for the first 5 six weeks grading periods of the school year. Seniors who have earned the Trustee’s Awards all four years of high school will be given a medal to wear at graduation. Recognition Scholars are also acknowledged for their achievement and growth during this event. Our AISD School Board Trustee, Kristin Ashy, was able to greet and speak with each student being honored. Luckily, the rainy weather held out and we were able to hold the event to honor our students.

The Senior Celebration Parade is scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd at 10:00 am. We ask that Seniors arrive early (9:00- 9:30 am recommended) so that we can get vehicles organized and staged for the parade. Seniors are to wear their Anderson caps and gowns. Decorate your cars and trucks to show your school spirit and pride for the Class of 2021. We ask that a family member drive the vehicle so that the Senior can enjoy the festivities safely and interact with supporters along the parade route. In the event of rain, we will update information via Anderson Twitter account (@AHSNEWSS) regarding bad weather plans. We don't want to make that decision too early, but if the plan needs to be altered, then we will use social media as well as the website. If inclement weather becomes a concern, we with either delay the start time or reschedule to Sunday, May 23rd in the afternoon.

@ Graduation Practice:

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 2:00 PM

Calhoon Field (Anderson HS)

Opportunity to drop off Chromebooks, Textbooks, Obligation items

Practice is mandatory for those who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony

Park in Student parking lot on Steck Ave. side of campus

We will simulate the procedure/route showing seniors where to congregate, get into alphabetical order and proceed to the seating area. This will help seniors know where to assemble at Nelson Field on June 2nd @ 7:00 pm. Anderson teachers and staff will be present on the field to provide direction and supervision.

Anderson High School has an opportunity to continue to offer AP Computer Science A through the Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS program. As a TEALS partner school, Anderson High School needs technical volunteers to team-teach this course with our teacher. Anderson High School will schedule this class first block of the day (9:00-10:30 am) so that volunteers can go to work after volunteering. If you work in tech and would be interested in making a difference in our students’ future success, please contact Sammi Harrison: or apply at

We have a team of technical volunteers who worked with our students in the AP Computer Science A class this year; and, we hope all of these volunteers return for next year. However, this school year has been so unusual with Covid and remote learning that Microsoft has asked us to reach out ensuring we have plenty of mentors available to support in-person student learning. Microsoft provides training and supports for mentors who volunteer. Feel free to forward this information/outreach to technical industry professionals in your network. You can read more about the TEALS Program on their website at

Thank you to every single student and family who persevered through all the challenges this school year has given us. Our Class of 2021 Seniors have sacrificed so much in terms of traditional activities, socialization with their classmates and face time for productive discussions and interactions during learning activities. We are focused on completing this school year with flexibility, patience and support for student needs. Our teachers and staff have learned new strategies, tackled technology issues and worked diligently to make learning relevant and engaging through every activity.

Anderson High School student groups are planning summer camps and activities for our students as well as future Trojans. Please check the website for information:


Senior Final Exams begin soon:

Tuesday, May 25 periods 7 & 8

Wednesday, May 26 periods 3 & 4

Thursday, May 27 periods 5 & 6

Friday, May 28 periods 1 & 2


Final Exams for grades 9-11 are:

Friday, May 28 periods 1 & 2

Tuesday, June 1 periods 5 & 6

Wednesday, June 2 periods 3 & 4

Thursday, June 3 periods 7 & 8

Please do check the Anderson website for updates on information, activities and happenings.


We are compiling student course requests/changes for AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Statistics. At this time the requests are still coming in; as soon as we have solid numbers we will schedule a Parent Information Virtual Meeting to explore options for how these student requests can be accomplished. More information to follow soon.

Have a great rest of the week.



Sammi Harrison