Anderson High School


From Principal Harrison:

April 6, 2021

Dear Anderson community,

The English I EOC online exam that is scheduled today, is causing problems statewide. The platform is not allowing students to log on, and if they are able to log on the systems kicks them out before they answer questions. This appears to be a statewide issue. We had hopes that by 10:00 am we would have resolution, but so far it has not cleared up.

AISD Systemwide Testing Coordinator, Chris Cordell, has told us to “call it” for testing English I EOC today due to this difficulty. We need 9th graders (and retesters) who are taking the English I EOC to report this Friday, April 9th arriving about 8:30 am for check-in. Students are to report to the same testing room as today. Also, please be sure student bring their AISD issued Chromebook with them when they report to campus for testing on Friday.   Only students who are taking the English I EOC test should report to campus on Friday; all other students will have an asynchronous B Day.