Anderson High School

IB CAS Project Spring Courtyard Cleanup

It would come as no surprise to any of you that the phenomenal Teresa Ramos, Annika Mosser, Ketty Nguyen, Nardos Southwick, Tessie Allen, Ana Buford, and Estrella Avalos mulched and cleaned the Fine Arts and Athletic courtyard on the Friday before Spring Break.  It was Teresa and Annika's CAS project, and between COVID, Ice Storms, Mask, and Social Distancing - it truly is a miracle that it got done.  
Many thanks to Paulina Soenen guiding these wonderful students during this process as our CAS Coordinator.  Special thanks to as well to Ms. Newberry and the administration for working with the girls during this process.  They really did learn quite a bit about how good deeds often require quite a bit of planning!  (I will also point out that three of these students choose to attend Anderson as tiny 8th graders on an IB curriculum transfer).