Anderson High School

Letter from Principal Harrison

January 8, 2021


Dear Anderson Community,


I hope 2021 finds you and yours managing well and healthy during this challenging time. I am writing to provide information about the playing field behind our building at Anderson. Calhoon Field is about 3 years old and was funded through generous donations from individual patrons and from the coordinated efforts of NWAAA (Northwest Austin Athletic Association made up of Anderson Vertical Team families who personally contributed to fund lighting, field installation/maintenance and coordination of school and community groups). Unlike other AISD high schools, Anderson has only one playing field, and Calhoon Field is not funded by AISD taxpayers. The concern is maintenance of the field as well as supervision of the activities on the field after hours.


Anderson Athletics teams and Anderson PE classes have first priority for using the field. Team practices occur before and after school expanding school field use from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm each day Monday through Friday. It has come to my attention that informal groups are gathering on the field in the evenings and on weekends. Adults from the community also use the field and track after hours for individual exercise and team practices. Use of our track and field by the community is a good thing as Anderson High School wants to be an active, contributing part of this community.


However, there are social gatherings of a sort on weekends. Reports of student age individuals (some younger than high school) gathering in groups of 75 to 100 on weekends are concerning. There is no adult supervision on the field at these times, and while students may come to run the track or play an informal game on the field much of the gathering is social rather than athletic.


Please consider that these gatherings are impromptu and unsupervised. Signs are being updated to make field and track use hours more clear.   The field will always be closed at 10pm each night and no bicycles, skateboards or roller blades will be allowed on the track or field at any time.  Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.  Anderson High School is a proud member of the Northwest Austin community, and we want to ensure the safety of our students as well as of our community.



Sammi Harrison

Principal, Anderson High School