Letter from Principal Harrison

January 5, 2021


Anderson Community,


Welcome back to Anderson for the Spring 2021 semester! We would like to welcome students back to the same schedule and environment as before the winter break.


I am happy to be able to return to campus (Sammi Harrison) for Spring, 2021. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Anderson Administrative team who did a great job in my absence. Virtual hugs and kudos to Drew Nichols, especially for being catapulted into the role of school leadership in my absence. Dee Biester came out of retirement to be my substitute and I thank Ms. Biester sincerely for her commitment. Dr. Melvin Bedford is leading our campus safety procedures and protocols with great success and diligence. Brian Lancaster, Rolanda Williams and Robin Spencer expanded their responsibilities to adapt to the hybrid teaching model and reaching out to students/parents individually to provide support.


In reviewing a student survey administered at the end of the Fall, 2020 semester, students overwhelmingly recognized the efforts of their teachers to reach out to them personally, do frequent check-ins and be flexible with deadlines and evidence of learning. So, Anderson teachers have done a phenomenal job of adapting to teaching in-person and virtually at the same time while also trying to adapt learning tasks to fit both environments.


Our support staff on campus deserves recognition as well because Fall, 2020 caused many changes in responsibilities and daily procedures. In short, thank you to everyone for being in this together and for giving each other grace as we work through the challenges.


I wish we could set a date that the precautions and protocols required for Covid-19 would end. But, it seems that any deadline is fluid and we simply have to be patient and wait for more normal circumstances to be available to us. Please encourage your students to accept structure in their instructional day. Sign on during class time. Turn cameras on at least briefly to share a smile and wave with classmates and teachers. Advocate for their needs and understanding. Send the teacher an email asking for clarification or more information. Sometimes it is hard for students to reach out on their own, but please encourage them to do so. Teachers will also do regular check-ins with students individually as we know that adolescents sometimes are hesitant to make the first outreach.


Anderson will be on the hybrid schedule with students last names A-K attending Mondays and Tuesdays and L-Z attending Wednesday and Thursday (please see the graphic on the website for further details). Students who have not been successful in the virtual environment are encouraged to attend school on Fridays for enrichment opportunities. Moving forward students will have the opportunity to take advantage of our virtual tutorial center as well as our remote Twilight credit recovery program.


The bell, homeroom, and Friday schedules will remain unchanged. There may be a chance to phase in students and move away from the hybrid model when health numbers support that decision. We will communicate with the community when/if this occurs. Students and parents

will continue to have the option to learn remotely or on campus for the duration of the school year. Students who wish to return to school this semester may do so with no additional steps. We do ask that students remain consistent with their choice as we believe this will increase their individual success.


Students will continue to complete the screening app and temperature checks upon entry as well as wearing masks throughout the school day. PPE equipment will continue to be available to students and staff. Visitors will not be permitted on campus at this time. School business requests can be made by using the curbside service. Instructions for this service are found in the circle drive and on our website at andersononline.org.






Sammi Harrison



Drew Nichols

Associate Principal/Academy Director

Administrator Hn-Mn

L.C. Anderson High School