New Bell Schedule starts 11/9/2020

Dear Anderson Community,

I cannot overstate how grateful I am to lead a high school that is so supportive within both the internal and external communities. I know this semester has been difficult for students, parents, and teachers alike and I want to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility as we have transitioned to our hybrid model this week with success. Approximately 275 students have elected to return to campus this week and we have been able to ensure safety protocols have remained in place. I am communicating with you today to request that this patience and flexibility be exercised once again as we must make a minor change to our bell schedule to comply with TEA mandates. I have attempted to make this change as minimally invasive as possible, as I realize a change was just implemented this week. The new schedule will be very similar to last year's bell schedule while efforts have been made to ensure student work blocks remain protected. The schedule after lunch will remain unchanged, first block will begin at 9:00, and the additional 15 minutes will be added to lunch to allow students and teachers a longer screen break in the middle of the day. I understand that frequent changes create misunderstandings and confusion, and it is our intention to avoid this as much as possible as we move forward. It is our hope that this schedule will remain in place for the remainder of the semester and hopefully the school year. 

We Are Trojans Together!

Thank You,

Drew Nichols

Associate Principal/Academy Director