AP Exam Information

AP Exam Registration
AP Students: Register and submit payment for your AP Exams by November 1, 2020.

2 steps to register:

1) Sign up on the College Board's website:
Ask your AP teacher for the Join Code.
Contact College Board if you need log on assistance (866-315-6068).
2) Pay for your exam(s) on Total Registration:
All students who think they might take AP Exams are encouraged to register and pay for exams in the fall. Given this year’s unique circumstances, College Board will waive the usual $40 per-exam cancellation fee for students who later decide not to test. 
Keep in mind that the $40 per-exam late order fee still applies, so it’s better to be registered on time and cancel later rather than order after the deadline.
Questions about AP Exams? Email apcoordinatorahs@gmail.com