Anderson High School

Parent Survey for returning to campus


Subject: Back-to-school Covid Response Education Workgroup (CREW) survey

Dear Parents and community,

As you all know, the Austin Independent School District has decided to begin a slow phase-in to bring
some students back to campus on October 5th. As with everything else this school year, this is a tentative
date and a tentative plan, but we are moving forward with the necessary preparations for this to begin. For the
purposes of the rest of this semester, the terms face-to-face and CREW model are the same thing. The
CREW model, as explained in the next section, is the ONLY way that students will be returning to school

The CREW setup
In our Covid Response Educational Workgroups (CREWs), students will be assigned to a CREW room
that will have a total of anywhere from 9 to 12 students and one teacher. Those students will be spaced 6 feet
apart, and will be working on their schoolwork virtually, just as they would be at home. They will be provided a
breakfast and lunch within the building.

It’s important to note that the in-school experience will be vastly different than what students are used
to. For the safety of students and staff, they will be health-screened at entrances, they will be restricted from
getting up and moving around, and they will have strictly structured restroom breaks and eating times. Their
social interactions will be limited by social distancing and masking protocols. They will not be allowed to leave
campus except for appointments. Seniors will not be allowed to leave for lunch, and food drop off of any kind
will be prohibited. Curbside service for chromebooks and meal service will continue.

It is also important to note that students who come into the school building to be a part of the CREWs
will receive exactly the same educational experience as students who stay home to receive their virtual
learning. We understand that there are a number of reasons that might make the environment at Anderson a
better learning environment for our remote learning, but we want to ensure that there are no advantages to
coming to school in person or attending school virtually.

The survey
We know that the district has been sending out a number of surveys, and we are very sorry to add one
more to the list. The purpose of this survey is to accurately get a headcount of how many students are
planning to come to school with this CREW setup, and also to help build the most effective rosters for those
CREWs. This is THE survey that we will use for your back-to-school information.

Please fill out this survey in the link below by 11:59 PM on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH to allow us enough time to fully filter the responses and build our rosters effectively. Any student without a response will be
AUTOMATICALLY chosen to continue participating in school virtually.
Here is the survey link:

The Anderson High School Administration Team