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What do I need to be ready to start school on Sept. 8th?

Hello parents!

We know that there are still a lot of questions about the beginning of this school year, and we are hoping to use this opportunity to provide as many answers as we can.


Students’ schedules are in the finishing process of being finalized, and will be made available to them on Friday, September 4th.  They will be able to find their schedule through TEAMS, which is accessible through the student portal at

Using the portal

The portal is the district’s one-stop access-point for students. Logging in to the portal gives them access to TEAMS (which contains their grades and schedule) and Blend (their online learning platform), among other useful tools.  In order to access the portal, the student needs to know their login info.  The default login is: 


Student Username: S + ID number (Ex. S2101234)

Default Password: First letter of last name capitalized + 6 digit birthdate + lowercase s (Ex. C071603s)

If that doesn’t work, email Shelby Counts ( to have the password reset.


The first day of school

On Tuesday, September 8th, students will NOT be attending school in our school building.  The first four weeks of school are remote instruction, which means that they will be learning at home.  Instead, at 9:00am, your student will log on to Blend and access their 5th period class and log in to the Zoom link on that Blend page.

Coming back to campus

On or around Tuesday, September 8th, we will be sending out our survey to collect information on students who might need to return to campus for our CREW model of virtual instruction. 

Other important information

We try as hard as we can to communicate the necessary information as quickly and efficiently as possible, but if you ever need to find out any of the most up-to-date information, you can usually find it at the Anderson website,


Here are some important links from the website: 

Daily Learning Schedule:

Video tutorial on accessing Blend:

Flyer for any Austin ISD tech equipment needs:

Flyer for Anderson High School tech support:

Sincerely,  The LC Anderson High School Administration Team