Anderson High School

Textbooks needed!

Anderson families, we are desperately needing the following textbooks returned to Anderson:
AP Environmental Systems
AP United States History  (APUSH)
AP World History (WHAP)
IB History - History of the Americas, 20th Century World History
IB Psychology  (Do not return if you going to be a senior in Psychology HL - keep your copy)
IB Biology - (Do not return if you are going to be a senior in Biology HL - keep your copy)
IB Physics (Do not return if you are going to be a senior in Physics HL - keep your copy)
IB German, Spanish, or French books
Foreign Language Novels in Spanish, German, French
English Novels - Please return the copies that you borrowed from your Teachers
Pre-AP Algebra, Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Starting Monday, August 31st, please place books in the plastic bins near the front doors of the school labeled BOOKS.   You will not be permitted to come into the building.  Please wear a mask and observe all social distancing rules while approaching the school.  While the majority of classes will have online textbooks for the beginning of the year, these books represent tens of thousands of dollars of assets to Anderson, and we need them back.   Thank you!