AISD Summer Vision letter dated 7/23/2020

Need to Know: Educational Models and Definitions  

We realize families want to make the best choice for their students. Prior to face-to-face instruction beginning again, families will be given an intent form to determine the caregiver’s learning choice for their students (remote or in-person). Please know that flexibility will be incorporated at specific times during the school year to allow caregivers to change their choice regarding how instruction is delivered. As we continue to communicate, we wanted our families to know the models we are currently planning as well as some definitions and details. 

On-Campus Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning

On-campus face-to-face learning occurs when the teacher and the student meet physically in a classroom for a set time with whole-group lessons, small-group lessons, guided practice and independent practice, including social distancing and health and safety measures in place.

Remote Teaching and Learning

Remote learning occurs when the student and teacher are separated by distance and either meet online at an agreed-upon time (synchronous), or the student receives instructions for learning and completes their assignments at their own pace (asynchronous). The teacher and student do not meet in a traditional physical classroom setting.

Synchronous Instruction

Requires students and teachers to be present at the same time online. Examples include live interactive classes with students and teachers participating in real-time, or teacher-supported student work time on video conference calls. This may also include small group instruction online, testing, etc. This model is a form of remote learning.

Asynchronous Instruction

Does not require students and teacher to be present online at the same time.  Examples include self-paced online courses with intermittent teacher instruction, pre-assigned work with regular assessments on paper, or in BLEND, or Seesaw and can also be pre-recorded videos of instruction, etc. This model is also a form of remote learning. 

Need to know: Teaching and Learning - What It Looks Like

In collaboration with our teachers, our goal is to provide exemplary lessons, support remote instruction and ease our eventual transition back to on-campus instruction. That’s why AISD is committed to the following standards when teaching remotely or via face-to-face instruction:

  • All teachers will implement research-based, best instructional practices.
  • We have identified and prioritized mastery of essential standards (what students need to master by the end of the year in order to be prepared for the next grade level) for each grade level and in each subject or course. Teachers will articulate those standards in student-friendly language in BLEND (some Pre-K-2 teachers will link to Seesaw as well). 
  • Teachers will deliver lessons in every subject area and course, including core subject as well as special areas (art, music, physical education). The progression of learning will address the following questions:
    • What are students expected to know and be able to do to accomplish mastery of the essential standard?
    • How will we know if a student learned the essential standard?
    • How will we respond if a student did not learn the essential standard?
    • How will we extend the learning for a student who has mastered the essential standard?
    • Teachers will take grades in every subject area and course, according to Board policy
  • Students can expect a full report card with grades instead of the Pass/Incomplete system used in remote learning last spring.
  • Students will receive regular feedback on coursework
  • Teachers will hold remote office hours when teaching remotely. These times are an additional opportunity for students, teachers, and caregivers to connect. 
  • Instruction will include social-emotional learning strategies and lessons.
  • Teachers and other campus staff will call, email and use BLEND to maintain regular caregiver communication.
  • Students will receive regular evaluations to ensure they are making progress on the essential standards.
  • Students and teachers will work together to create learning goals as the students progress toward mastering the essential standards. 
  • Special Education: Teachers will provide support for special education students that aligns with their individual education plan. Teachers will provide modifications and accommodations and stay in close contact with parents regarding the progress.
  • Dual Language: Teachers will provide instruction in both program languages according to the language allocation plan in support of the goals of biliteracy and bilingualism, high academic achievement and positive cross-cultural competence.
  • Teachers will differentiate instruction to ensure that every student is receiving what he or she needs to be successful.

Good to Know: AISD Green Energy Rebate

Austin Energy recently presented AISD with a rebate check for $301,759. This rebate was made possible by lighting retrofits and energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades at several AISD schools.

Get In the Know: Curbside Registration for New Students

Students new to AISD can register onsite at their campus, Aug. 3–6 from 9–11 a.m. and 1–3 p.m.. 

Families registering students new to AISD should provide the following documentation at the child’s campus:

  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • Child’s social security card (optional).
  • Child’s immunization records.
  • Child’s withdrawal form/last report card (if applicable).
  • Parent/guardian photo ID.
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable).
  • Proof of residency.

In order to make the process as safe as possible for all involved, campus staff will make transfer of documents as contactless as possible. They will wear masks and gloves and transfer paperwork using baskets, trunks of vehicles and/or other ways to ensure maximum social distancing.

We ask that families wear a mask and remain in their vehicles or six feet away from staff at all times. We also ask that families and staff stay at home if experiencing any illness.

Communication with families on-site will be by way of texting or phone call when possible.

See detailed instructions on how to register your new or returning student online.

Click To Know

The Board of Trustees announced a lone finalist for the Superintendent July 21.

To further engage with our families about the reopening process, we’ve begun livestreaming interviews between Dr. Cruz and subject-matter experts multiple times per week. The videos are in English and Spanish. You can see the videos on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

We are also posting the interview as an FAQ following the video. You can find those on our Announcements page. 

AISD to Provide Free Produce Boxes featuring Texas-Grown Foods.

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