Graduation Walk Photos

Dear families of the graduating class of 2020
Images are ready for you to view and purchase from A K S photography -
Images by Shadi
Here is how to access the two galleries of images:

Visit    -,1,899Sw83ZR37W2-MQkUJo4MF9EIEhE5gd1I_U845gXXgjRARd0yf67ZgQGA4Elf7cfGHBn7aYxnbJuOWt8zz1BLlfjP3Wc20UutAky1IEabbW_w,,&typo=1
Click on - "seniors"
Click the magnifying glass on the top right corner and search for [Morning Session ] or [Evening Session ]
From there follow the prompts to put your items in your shopping cart
and order your images.

Here are direct links to the galleries as a second method of access:,1,ytarL8MVcOftZDZBAslsJEEnkWbT5Vy-XAsI5zeBCwdeoJEn_vs6ASUn69PjCKaQbAQ0LlV9jCTjInAISninr35WTWLB7uwWGx8zHqdD3X-Whg,,&typo=1,1,nmoZryEFe64BG6Bf0_Fdkr0IluUSqDFaUJXkrQfLYKi3rGC_AvoM2PY9XylK_oiOBGZCBGChp24_Dj_LdyGn4pL_6TaUHBJ9vMEImVdehbYT9Kdwdo_W9T12kwQ,&typo=1

If you have any questions please contact the photographer by emailing her at
call or text her at 512-785-8331

Thank you and Congratulations on your big day.