Anderson High School

Yearbook Ordered?

PURCHASING A YEARBOOK:  Order online ANYTIME at  WWW.BALFOUR.COM using credit or debit card. 


or this Excel file (if you can't get the one above to open):


At this time, we know that the plant will re-open on May 18 and will begin printing.  We do not have any more information than that. Please check back for updates.   AS OF 5/19/2020 WE DO NOT HAVE A DELIVERY DATE SO PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ASKING WHEN THE YEARBOOKS WILL BE HERE.    WE DO NOT HAVE THAT INFORMATION YET.

Seniors may still order senior portraits at, click "Seniors" and create an account using "Trojans" as the code.  Use this account to purchase photos. (you may have already created an account) 

Underclassmen may still order yearbook photos. Go to Call Photo Texas Photography at 512-617-7780 to get the code.  

Please note, if your name is not on the list above, I do not have an order for you. If you are able to find a receipt in your email you may contact me with that information and I give you contact information, but there is no way for me to "double-check".  This is all the information that I have. 
As of today, May 13, 2020, we still have about 300 yearbooks available to sell.  These will be available for sale online until sold out. If there are more available after we are able to deliver the books, these will be available for purchase at that time. 
If you still have questions that were not answered above, please contact