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AISD Superintendent Search

AISD Superintendent Search


Dr. Paul Cruz, AISD’s current superintendent, will be leaving the district soon to take a position with the University of Texas. The board of trustees has begun the search to find a replacement. Your voice matters! We encourage all PTAs, CACs, families, staff and community members to share information about what they hope to see in the next leader for AISD.


The single most important thing that people can do is to speak up – about what you want in a superintendent, what’s working, what’s not working… People are so focused – so rightly – on so many other things. This is probably the single most important decision that can be made for AISD’s future right now, so it’s essential that we all share our thoughts and perspectives.


Here’s what you can do:



AISD Trustees are elected by our community. One of their responsibilities is hiring the superintendent. The trustee works for voters, and the superintendent works for the trustees.


  • Some trustees have reached out to CACs and PTAs. If yours has, respond and find a time to talk. If your trustee has not reached out, you can reach out to them. Every part of town has a local trustee, elected by people in your area. There are also two at-large trustees who are elected district-wide. Individuals can email all trustees at You can find contact for individual members at


  • Anyone can email to share their personal thoughts about the search for a new superintendent, what matters most, and what qualities we think a new superintendent should have. You can encourage your PTA members and others on your campus to share their thoughts. Don’t forget that students have a voice, too! Encourage them to speak up about this important decision!


  • Your PTA or CAC can host an online meeting to talk as a group about what you think is important in the trustee search. You can also invite a trustee to join your PTA for a conversation.


  • Trustee Arati Singh, one of the at-large trustees, wants to meet with CACs, PTAs, PTA vertical teams and other groups for informal one-hour conversations about the trustee search. Your PTA or CAC can sign up online.



AISD is working with a consultant to help identify what the community values in a new superintendent, and to help recruit someone to fill that position. There is a form online that will allow you to share some thoughts anonymously in English or in Spanish. If the form does not include information about what matters to you, be sure to add that in the comments box.



Regular voting meetings are usually held on the fourth Monday of the month, at 7:00 p.m. You can get information about meetings, including opportunities to record a public comment, on the AISD Trustee meetings webpage.



Please share this information with your community. Remember, the choice of superintendent matters not only to current AISD students, families and employees, but also to everyone who lives in Austin! We encourage your neighbors, families with very young children, people whose children are no longer in AISD and all others who call Austin home to comment. Please share this information with your neighborhood association, your place of worship, groups that you are involved with, preschools in your neighborhood, people you know in other neighborhoods…


Please also encourage people to comment IN WRITING, BY EMAIL or in the online form. That is a method of communication that is expected in a process like this, it’s one that is recorded and shared with trustees, and it’s one that is part of the public record.