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Welcome to BIOLOGY!

I am excited to start the new school year. This is my 17th year teaching science and my fourth year at Anderson High School. I am originally from San Antonio and graduated from Southwest Texas University with a degree in Wildlife Biology. When not at school, my husband (who is a wildlife biologist) and I are busy running after our two children. When I occasionally have free time, I love to bird watch, read and travel.

This year we will explore a wide variety of topics from biomolecules to ecology. I am looking forward to working with you. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me.
Go  Trojans!!


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Semester Exam Review

The review/study guide is worth up 10 pts on your semester exam.  Make sure it is complete and you have parent's signature to earn extra credit points.

Last day to turn in missing/late work Dec. 13th 3:00pm!!

The last day I will accept late/missing work!!!!!


Don't forget to study and work on your review to prepare for the Unit 6 Test Dec. 6th/7th.  You can find a copy of the study guide by following a link in the calendar.
Your notebooks are due Dec 8th/9th.  Please start getting your notebooks in order!!!


We will test over Unit 5 Wednesday and Thursday (Nov 9th and 10th).  This gives you some extra study time.  NOTEBOOKS will also be due Nov 9th and 10th.  Make sure your notebook is in the correct order and ready to be turned in at the beginning of class before your test.

Unit 3 Test October 11 and 12

Be sure to complete the study guide to help you prepare for you exam!! ....and do your vocab cards for extra credit!

Unit 2 Retests

Unit 2 Retests will be offered Friday Sept 30 and Monday October 3. Tests will be administered both days, before school, after school and during lunch.  This is the only time retakes will be offered.  Make sure you have a completed study guide to qualify for retakes.
Before school -- rm 115
After school -- rm 105
Lunch --rm 114

Notebooks due Sept.26/27

Notebook Check #1

Your notebook needs to have the following in the order listed below

  1. Title page: (inlcude the following)



  1. Biology Course Information Sheet (signed)
  2. Vocabulary (1/2 Sheet- Hypothesis)
  3. What-Not-To-Do Lab safety cartoon sheet
  4. Scientific Method Notes- “How you solve problems/answer questions”
  5. Scientific Method Packet/Review
  6. Warm up- Find Someone Who….. (1/2 Sheet)
  7. The Metric Staircase (1/2 Sheet)
  8. Vocabulary (1/2 sheet – Unit)
  9. Metric Mania Conversion Practice
  10. Lab- Graphing
  11. Vitruvian Man Meets the Scientific Method (Lab)
  12. Characteristic of Life and Levels of Organization Notes
  13. Vocabulary- (1/2 Sheet- Metabolism)
  14. Characteristics of Life (Packet- Read and highlight the main ideas in each passage….)
  15. Body System Notes
  16. Unit 1 Test Review
  17. Vocabulary (Polymer)
  18. Organic Compounds Student Notes
  19. Carbohydrates (1/2 Sheet illustrations of biomolecules)
  20. Organic Molecules Worksheet: Review
  21. Amoeba Sisters Video Recap: Biomolecules
  22. Warm up (1/2 sheet- Biomolecules Chart- glue and paste)

Retakes for Unit 1 Test

Retakes for Unit 1 Test are scheduled for Sept 21- 22, before school, during lunch and after school.  Make sure you have your completed study guide with you to qualify for retakes.