Anderson High School

PTSA Student Directory

The Anderson PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student-Association) is proud to offer it's members a new (& convenient) online Student Directory for the 2016-2017 school year. PTSA members who have already purchased online access have received an email with logon instructions (including username & password) to download the Acrobat PDF file. A nice benefit of using a digital directory is the ability to quickly find listings via the “Find" function in Adobe Acrobat. Just go to the top menu and use Edit > Find.
If you would like to purchase access to the online 2016-17 Student Directory, we encourage you to join the Anderson PTSA through our online store portal. (Available soon!) The digital directory will be updated several times throughout the remainder of this school year to include new student/family information as they join and provide their personal contact information.
The Anderson PTSA is annually comprised of over 1000 parents, teachers, administrators, and students. In recent years, we have been recognized by the Texas PTA for our successful membership efforts and by the Austin Council of PTAs for parent education programming.
Anderson PTSA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality. We need your voice as members, as we serve as your liaisons at the school, district, community and state levels to help make the greatest impact in support of our students. We provide communication tools such as the website, online school and student directories, and the Trojan Times weekly e-newsletter. Our PTSA meetings, held the second Tuesdays of most months, help facilitate an ongoing dialogue between Principal Sammi Harrison, our committee chairs, community leaders, and those in attendance to discuss the latest happenings around campus.