Anderson High School

Yearbook Information



Books are being distributed starting Wednesday, 5/10 at the concession stand across from the Spirit Store (cafeteria foyer).  

Distribution will be as follows: 

5/10 - lunch/after school

5/11 - lunch/after school 

5/12 - before school/lunch/after school

5/15 - before school/lunch/after school

5/16 - before school/lunch/after school

How do I know if I bought a book? VIEW PREPAID ORDERS HERE  through the morning of Monday, May 8.  

Can you still buy a book? You may still pay online at through 5/16 or bring cash or check (made out to Anderson Yearbook) at the time of purchase.  

Name not on the list? If you are sure you bought a book and your name isn't on the list, please search your email for a confirmation from Balfour.  If you cannot find that, please look check your credit card or debit card transactions.  We have not taken any cash or check payments at the school.  All payments have been online via debit or credit card. 

All books should be picked up prior to 5/17.  We do not have room to store unclaimed books.  If you have a special circumstance, such as an illness or death in the family,  and cannot pick up the book, please email  me and we will make arrangements.  Please understand that this does not include students that are too busy to pick up their own yearbook and want their parents to pick it up for them.  I do not wish to burden the front office with the responsibility of the transaction, as someone has to sign for the book and the list has to be kept up to date.  Thank you for your cooperation.  


Underclassmen/Senior ID Photos – During Science class on September 1st and 2nd (see below for ordering instructions)

Underclassmen/Senior ID RETAKES/MAKEUP – October 27th

Senior Portraits – During Social Studies Class or Off Period - October 24, 25, 26 & 27

TO ORDER SCHOOL PHOTOS ONLINE GO TO  Call Photo Texas Photography at 512-617-7780 to get the code.  

Order online ANYTIME at using credit or debit card. Limited order forms to pay by check are available in the front office.

Yearbooks are $65 through December 31st.  The price goes up to $75 on January 1st.

You must have your photo made by Photo Texas Photography for it to be included in the yearbook.  You may call them to set up a studio appointment at 512-617-7780.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PHOTO MADE BY PHOTO TEXAS, EITHER AT THE STUDIO OR AT THE SCHOOL, BY DECEMBER 11!!  Absolutely no submissions from other photographers or late submissions.  Photo Texas Photography will come to the school to take photographs in the library on October 24-27.  Again, you may go to the studio at any time rather than take it at the school.

Senior ads are on sale online at through January 22nd.   Order forms will be available in the front office and checks may be mailed to the school.  No ads will be sold after 1/22.  Further information will be available on the website at   All photos and the text of the ad must be emailed to  We will not type messages due to the unique spelling of words commonly used within families.

Questions?  Contact  

A couple of things you should be aware of:
  • Students should take their photo during their first Science class if they have more than one, but should not take more than one photo.
  • Students should be aware that referrals will be written for students that swap data cards and have their photo attached to another student's id number.  Students misrepresenting themselves as a senior by changing the grade level on the data card will also receive a referral.  
  • ID cards will be distributed with two weeks of the photo date. 
  • IDs will be used to pay for food. Students should safeguard their ids so that other students don't have access to their lunch account.  This is another reason they should not swap data cards.  

Please email me at if you have any questions.   Thank you!