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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically. (AISD website)

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MONDAYS - SEL Homeroom Lessons

THURSDAYS - Student conferences (teachers meet individually with students to check in about stress, grades, how to get help at school, etc.)



HOMEROOM LESSON DESCRIPTIONS for MONDAY SEL homeroom lessons (most recent at the top):


December 12th - Finals Prep & Homeroom Feedback

Students will discuss how to prepare for final exams including study strategies and test taking tips. Bell schedules for the "C" day this Wednesday and the final exam schedule will also be reviewed (already shared last week). Homeroom classes will complete a survey about how homeroom is going with the chance to ask for topics to be covered next semester.


December 5th - Stress Management

Students discussed and practiced calming techniques and other stress management techniques. Examples include: "take 5" (5 slow, deep breaths), imagining their peaceful or "happy" place, thinking of how a problem will affect them 1 week from now - 1 month - 1 year from now (to teach persepctive), watching videos of cute animals, and many more.


November 28th - Time Management

Students discussed the importance of managing time in order to put time and effort toward goals that motivate them. We used a quadrant visual to discuss where various actions fall relative to importance and urgency (from Stephen R. Covey's book First Things First.)


November 14th - Semester Averaging Worksheet & Study Supports

Students will use the semester averaging worksheet to make learning goals for their classes.  Students will set grade targets in each class according to their individual needs/strengths and discuss how to reach those goals, including what study supports are available.

*Semester Averaging Worksheet developed by the AHS Counseling Department is attached (to the right side of this page)



November 7th - Happiness is...

To close out this sequence of lessons, students will discuss how to create happiness in life - specifically the 4 C’s of happiness (choice and voice in making decisions that affect us, connection to others, competence in what we do, or contribution to family, community, and society). ***The No Place for Hate coalition, as part of No Hate November, wants to challenge you to create happiness in someone else's life by taking part in the Acts of Kindness Challenge. Students and staff will complete a checklist of kind acts over the next few weeks.


October 31st - #KeepItKindAHS

Students will discuss what it means to witness cyberbullying (or just negative messages on social media) and have the choice to be a bystander or to be an upstander.  Students will discuss how to decrease the power of negative messaging in the digital realm.

Additional resources to support this lesson:


October 24th SEL Homeroom Lesson - The Power of Digital Words 

Students will discuss the affect negative words can have on people in the digital world (social media, texting, etc).  They will also discuss the differences between words in the digital realm vs. in person.  We encourage adults to avoid using the phrasing such as "online vs. in the real world" because what happens in the digital realm IS real!


October 17th SEL Homeroom Lesson - The Power of Words

Students will discuss the power words can have on people.  Students will realize that words they use can have a negative effect on others and practice how to turn negative statements into constructive critique (or when to not say anything at all).



October 11th SEL Homeroom Lesson - Nice Notes

Students will help create a culture of kindness by talking about positive messages and writing a “Nice Note” to give to someone today.  This is part of the No Place for Hate campus coalition initiative.  A positive chalk messaging project was also done after school by students who volunteered to participate.


October 3rd SEL Homeroom Lesson

9th/10th grade - Growth Mindset

Help students explore and understand the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. 

11th/12th grade - College Preparation

Students will learn the steps they need to take in 11th grade and 12th grade in order to start planning for and applying to college.


September 26th - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Setting Boundaries

Students will participate in an Expect Respect lesson about setting boundaries in relationships.  They will discuss how they want to be treated and how they want to treat others in any sort of relationship.


September 22nd - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Safety through Community

Students will discuss how to help each other stay safe and will be notified about resources to get help if in crisis or when they see something that may be unsafe.


September 19th - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Healthy Relationships Intro

Students will discuss what a health relationships looks like and discuss the characteristics of a healthy relationship.


September 12th - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Group Norms

Students will set group norms or agreements with each other to guide how they will act during discussions in homeroom this year.


August 29th - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Get-to-know-you Activities

Students will participate in teacher-selected get-to-know-you activities in order to start building community within their homeroom.


August 24th - SEL Homeroom Lesson - Get-to-know-you Activities

Students will participate in teacher-selected get-to-know-you activities in order to start building community within their homeroom.